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Evaluation kit for EMMY-W161-A Multiradio(BT, Wi-Fi ac/abgn), 1 s. pad for ant., 4G filter

NOTE: This product requires a LINUX driver implementation. To get access to driver sources and LAB tools it is required to sign a free of charge "Limited User License Agreement" (LULA)

Please contact u-blox@spezial.com for further information.

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The EVK‑EMMY‑W1 evaluation kits (EVK‑EMMY‑W161 and EVK‑EMMY‑W163) are used to evaluate the EMMY‑W1 host‑based multiradio modules. The EMMY‑W1 modules provide simultaneous Wi‑Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth v4.2, and NFC support, can act as a micro Wi‑Fi access point for up to 10 clients, and are suitable for HD video streaming.

The EVK‑EMMY‑W1 evaluation kits include an evaluation board with full access to all EMMY‑W1 interfaces via header connectors. The kit also includes an SDIO card connector and onboard antennas for NFC, Wi‑Fi, and Bluetooth. U.FL antenna connectors are also available for evaluation of external antennas.


  • Connectors to all interfaces (SDIO, UART, PCM, and GPIO)
  • SDIO card connector
  • Onboard dual‑band Wi‑Fi antenna
  • Onboard Bluetooth antenna
  • NFC antenna
  • U.FL connectors for external antennas
  • Selectable voltage level for power supply and GPIO

Kit Bestandteile

  • Evaluation board with EMMY‑W1 module
  • SDIO card connector
  • Onboard antennas for Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth
  • NFC antenna

Product variants

Evaluation kit for EMMY-W1 versions with 1 antenna pin (EMMY-W161 and EMMY-W161-A)


Evaluation kit for EMMY-W1 versions with two antenna pins (EMMY-W163 and EMMY-W163-A)

Further information

Automotive and professional grade modules are evaluated with identical EVKs. The main differentiator is the antenna configuration:

  • The 1 antenna pin variant is for designs in which Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth share one antenna
  • The 2 antenna pin variant is for designs with separate Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth antennas

The LTE filter is included only in the EMMY‑W161.

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