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Xsens*MTi-7 GNSS/INS Development Kit*

Development kit for MTi-7 (external-GNSS-aided-AHRS)

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Kit includes:

  • Shield board
  • MTi-7 module (in the socket)
  • GNSS daughter card
  • GNSS antenna
  • USB cable

The MTi 1-series is a self-contained Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS), Vertical Reference Unit (VRU) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) as a 12.1 x 12.1 mm module.

The Xsens-optimized strapdown algorithm (AttitudeEngineTM) performs high-speed dead-reckoning calculations at 1 kHz allowing accurate capture of high frequency motions. Xsens’ industry-leading sensor fusion algorithm (XKF3TM) provides high accuracy and sensor auto-calibration in a cost-effective module for a wide range of (embedded) applications.

It relieves users from the design, integration and maintenance of gyroscopes, accelerometers and other sensors.

The roll and pitch accuracy of 0.5 deg under dynamic conditions allow for integration in demanding applications

Type GNSS/INS (Inertial Navigation Solution)
Packaging Tray
Xsens*MTi-7 module*GNSS/INS*SMD*PLCC-28*UART/I2C/SPI*Tray*
342,00 €
Xsens*MTi-7 module*GNSS/INS*SMD*PLCC-28*UART/I2C/SPI*100er Tray*
277,94 €
Xsens*MTi-7 module*GNSS/INS*SMD*PLCC-28*UART/I2C/SPI*250er Reel*
270,00 €

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